The TravelOnly training program prepares you for an exciting and rewarding career in an industry that offers great opportunities.


  • There is a shortage of well-trained travel professionals. Although the Internet has created a more informed consumer, consumers and business professionals seek out the help of trained, experienced travel professionals when booking family travel, detail-oriented or special interest trips.
  • There are new opportunities for specialization.
    More travellers today are looking for the road less travelled rather than a cookie-cutter holiday. There is a demand to accommodate consumers' desires for new and exotic adventures, niche and group travel experiences.
  • Clients want to consult with a real person about their vacation plans and ideas. Faceless entities cannot give you the security and confidence you get when dealing with a real person, nor the personal touch when it comes to booking your vacation.

It is an exciting time to be in the travel industry. According to the World Trade Organization, tourism ranks as one of the world's top five fastest growing industries.

No company prepares you better for a business in travel than TravelOnly. We provide you with all the tools and support you need to be promoting and booking travel. Our program leads to certification through the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC), just like the community college programs. For those new to the travel industry, the biggest benefit is many of our travel professionals are confident to book trips within their first month of starting their business. Those with a travel background that have completed their provincial compliance, can start booking right away.

At TravelOnly You will:

  • Learn how to make and keep clients – one of the most valued skills in any industry.
  • Learn how to market your business and become a familiar brand in your community.
  • Receive Travel Industry of Ontario (TICO) training in order to pass the Education Standards Exam that is mandated by the Canadian Government.
  • Have the opportunity to earn your Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) certifications and Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC).
  • Surround yourself with travel industry professionals whose full time job is to support you!

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