I chose to work through TravelOnly because it is family-owned and has been in business now since 1974! Though there are over 500 associates across the country, any concerns I have or support I need, is promptly and professionally handled. Their commission structure is one of the best in the industry. I also like having my own TravelOnly website that clients can research and confirm on just like any other travel site. TravelOnly has given me the freedom to work from practically anywhere, whenever I want, and I have my sights set on a nice beach somewhere tropical some day!
Luana JohnsgaardAlberta
When I recently chose to make a major career change, TravelOnly was the obvious choice. They have an excellent training program, great head office support, and a proven track record. Plus, travel is a fun and dynamic industry and I am excited to now be a part of it! I am confident that, with hard work, marketing, and consistent customer service, my TravelOnly business will be a success. There are just so many ways that I can take the business- the potential is virtually limitless!
Kevin VisserCTC TravelOnly, Ontario
I have been a travel agent for over 24 years and had been searching for a way to juggle my equestrian life and family. TravelOnly gave me the opportunity to maximize earnings, while still enjoying other interests in my life. I decided that TravelOnly had the affiliations to bring me into a newly automated travel world. New and existing clients are calling me on a daily basis looking for new and updated products. Now I have the flexibility and office support to work my own hours, yet make an excellent income
Holly McBeanCTC TravelOnly, Ontario
TravelOnly proved to be efficient, responsible and honest in their relationship with me. I liked the stable, family owned business. I came to rely heavily on their ability, and expertise to guide me through each booking. TravelOnly has been there to help me build my business from day one. What a great company!
Judie GilsigAlberta
Thanks TravelOnly for another successful year. With less than 3 years in travel, I have successfully doubled my sales each year and I am thrilled to be doing what I love while making a living. The TravelOnly team is amazing and lets me run my business how I want to but are there with their support and guidance when I need it. The marketing tools, admin assistance, the networking, the vendor alliances and the training are among the most valuable in helping my business grow. I am so proud to work with a company that has such a good reputation in the industry and who are always looking to improve and move with the times. With so many options in the industry, I am confident that I made the right choice with TravelOnly.
Jennifer BorghOntario
Thank you TravelOnly for enabling me to work from virtually anywhere. Your dedication to continuous improvement and your focus on developing the TravelOnly brand assures me that I have made the right investment. Your commitment to learning and the support I have received over the past year have been exemplary. With the launch of and your web-enabled technology, I know that I have been empowered with the best tools in the industry. Thank you TravelOnly for allowing me to extend the same exceptional service and value to my clients.
Sinthia GawlakCTC TravelOnly, Ontario
I am very happy with my decision to join TravelOnly. As most of us are when starting something new, I was a little scared, and skeptical of working from home. As a beginner, would I get the help and support I needed? TravelOnly has proven over and over again that they are there for me in every case, whether the question/problem is big or small. I now know I am not alone. TravelOnly is like one big Family and I am very proud to be a part of this Family. Thank You Travelonly.
Donna McLaughlinNova Scotia
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